howdy ! and welcome to the future. the future is somewhat less formal than the past as it’s still underway... is still becoming 

Also, I’d like to remind you that our collective future is unquestioningly and emphatically diverse, intersectional, equitable, free, empathic, and reparated. if you’re not with it, then you are against it, man.

upcoming  &  in development ☟

Now at the End, Again. phila, date tba

a new play meditating on our modern questions of grieving, gun violence, and the futility and catharsis of invoking ritual traditions today. featuring a modern family, an ancient group of old friends, and a mysterious creature unstuck from time and place. 


Shelter in Place. a Mural Arts/Drexel University project. phila, date tba

a public performance event revolving around social engagement through dance, puppetry, and spoken word, employing organizational collaboration, mixed media arts, and community discourse to address the plight of victims of gun violence in Philadelphia and beyond. created under the mentorship of Raheleh Filsoofi, and in collaboration with  Save Our City Philadelphia and the National Homicide Justice Alliance, this work explores the impact of the gun epidemic on Semitic, MENA and POC communities


Make Thee an Ark, a presentation of Historic Spanish Point, osprey fl spring 2020

another team-up with Rachel Ceciro following our collaboration on (Behind) You !

a devised performance in an historic chapel nestled among now-flooded trails, exploring a certain speculative future when Florida is deep beneath the sea, created by Rachel Ceciro, Sam Sanford, and Eugenia Titterington. Two sisters share stories of peoples long gone in a small cabin on a large ship at the end of the world. Made possible with generous support from the John Ringling Towers Fund for the Performing Arts.


A Final Impossibility. date tbd

a second iteration of this work in progress: New Media! New Trees! New Vignettes! New Plot?! see it’s past here