howdy ! and welcome to the future. the future is less formal than the past as it’s still underway, is still becoming and

upcoming  ☟

[Additionally,  I’d like to remind you that our collective future is unquestioningly and emphatically diverse, intersectional, equitable, free, empathic, and reparated. if you’re not with it, then you are against it, man.]

but as it stands, here’s what’s on the docket: 

(Behind) You, 2018 — on display until spring ‘19

a meditative sculptural collaboration with Rachel Ceciro in the GA Preserve along the Wissahickon in Fort Washington, PA.  its flowing mirrors trigger sonorous auditory reverberations as they interact with the environment, the wind, and the audience

see the initial proposal and design concepts here  
see photos from the sculpture’s “present” here


ELEGY FOR A LAMB: A Revival, 2019

a tenth-anniversary-revival which reimagines the Resnick Family’s controversial original touring-variety-play focused on the family’s grief following the death of their child in an unimaginable instance of mass violence

oops! looks like you missed our Philly Theatre Week workshop on Feb. 9! check back here for updates on the next iteration


Sportsplay, Philly Theatre Week 2020, and Philly Fringe 2020

another team-up with Mike Durkin’s Renegade Company and Lily Kind following our collaboration on (Kensington) Streetplay:

a devised series focused on boxing, roller derby, and locating movement ; another election year, another competition. how do sports divide us, bring us together, make us feel for the athletes, and for their abilities? how are the movement qualities transferable to dance and performance, and to what extent is the demonstration of athletic talent through competition already a performance in and of itself? how are sports detrimental, how are they vital, and can we unravel questions of society through our engagement with and exploration of the ever-present sport?


A Final Impossibility, TBD

a second iteration of this work in progress: New Media! New Trees! New Vignettes! New Plot?! see it’s past here