howdy ! and welcome to the future. the future is somewhat less formal than the past as it’s still underway... is still becoming 

Also, I’d like to remind you that our collective future is unquestioningly and emphatically diverse, intersectional, equitable, free, empathic, and reparated. if you’re not with it, then you are against it, man.

upcoming & in development☟


Sunday in Sodom / a Parsifal, 2022

Director, Hangar Theatre

creating an explosive double-header of plays by Jordan Tannahill and Susan Sontag, schulman builds a devastating juxtaposition setting the human toll of american military intervention in their crosshairs. SUNDAY IN SODOM explores edith’s last day on earth before her home village of Sodom is destroyed by a US bombardment, and A PARSIFAL begins as SUNDAY IN SODOM ends, depicting the surreal story of parsifal, an american soldier coming to terms with his humanity, depravity, and complicity. this pairing poses the question: in the face of cycles of grief, do we grow, bend, or break?


Cabaret, 2022

Assistant Director to Sanaz Ghajar and Ben Hobbs, Hangar Theatre

set in 1929–1930 Berlin during the twilight of the jazz age as the nazis are ascending to power, the musical focuses on the hedonistic nightlife at the seedy kit kat klub and revolves around american writer cliff bradshaw's relations with the cabaret performer sally bowles.


Click, Clack, Moo: Cows that Type ! , 2022-23

Director, A TheatreWorksUSA TYA 2022-23 National Tour

the literacy rate in Farmer Brown's barn goes up  once his cows find an old typewriter and begin typing. to the  farmer's dismay, his communicative cows quickly become contentious: “Dear Farmer Brown, The barn is very cold at night. We'd like some electric blankets. Sincerely, The Cows” when he refuses to comply with their demands, the cows take action. this hilarious tale will give young rebels-in-the-making a taste of the power of peaceful protest and the satisfaction of cooperative give and take.


Circles in Circles, 2023

Playwright, commission from Walnut Street Theater, Philadelphia, PA.

a radical touring play for young audiences about being stuck in cycles of grief and violence, and how we might break them, and how we might free ourseleves and others.



Producer, Lead Experience Design

a combined live theatre & vr event.  a mind-boggling true story that falls inside of itself, and then gets handed to a hybrid audience. what do we do with the truth in front of us? and is there an ancient mythical and esoteric secret aryan treasure burried hidden underground somewhere in north america? and oh no, another hurricane?

oh, baruch hashem, it’s just a simulated hurricane.