director, dramaturg, designer, writer, teacher, 

axe throwing coach, cultural interpreter, art handler, server...

my works struggle to unravel the mystery of human togetherness and separation. 

how do we, as individuals, distinct, discrete, unceasingly complex, arrive at common understanding ? how do we come together towards a deep communing with the world and with one another ? i am daunted by this question. i am also daunted by the calamity of our times:

i employ multiple-media and non-media — imagine “non-media” as the infinite potential of untapped space between all things — to compose rituals as acts of active self-examination, for myself and for my audience; through structures, light and shadow, and time. by combining and employing the vast array of mediums and networks of social humanity, in any of their diverse forms, we may begin to observe the intersection of the actual and the artificial; where does one start and the other stop, and can we even see it anymore ?  the digital simulacrum presumes our actual self and our digital likeness to be more and more similar —so, what do we do to find one another ? where do we go ? and how do we identify spirituality in a (western) world caught between pseudo-religious fascism and secular progressivism ?

my work is to problem solve through spatial praxis, by way of physical togetherness. surely our very proximity to one another is the place from which to start. 


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