chokehold, 2015

Director, Co-writer, Co-creator, Set and Lighting Designer
Sarasota, Florida

chokehold is a twenty-one minute intimate performance experience for three audience members at a time to take on the role of "holy confidant" and meet the echoing otherworldly confessions of the penitent confessors on the divine-otherside of the screen partition.

each audience member occupies their own too-small confessional booth. the confessional booths are at the same time too dark and too bright. the only accessible image for the audience is the silhouette of an alien stranger chattering away. from the otherside.

chokehold is a wall of sound striving towards an experience of ambiguity within emotional paradox: sympathy and disgust, kindness and discomfort, faith and distrust. this could be a friend or a parent or a soldier or a dentist on the otherside; we are all just almost human, and our guilts only define us if we let them.

Performers: Andrew Maldonado, Michael Valdez, Tess Miller, Amy Bernard, Cayli Caruso, Erika Folk, Dylan Gygax, Racha Masara
Score composed and performed by Dylan Burchett
Concept by Aly Hilgefort and Logan Schulman
Written by Benjamin Kerns and Logan Schulman
Performed February 2015 at Seahive Art Space in Sarasota, FL