Make Thee an Ark, 2021

Co-writer, co-producer, technical director and designer, and assoc. director
Marie Selby Gardens Historic Spanish Point Campus, Osprey, FL

A site-specific performance to activate a 19th century chapel slowly sinking into the sea. Directed by Raychel Ceciro

Set in a chapel, on a new Ark, floating above an undersea Florida, 300 years in the future, Make Thee an Ark poses the question: what will they remember? And what stories will they tell?

Through speculative fiction, centuries old archival materials, immersive performance, and puppetry, this performance asks the audience how we might serve as the prophetic ancestors for those who will inherit a world unmade by climate catastrophe.

Starring Raychel Ceciro, Casey Murphy, and Eugenia Titterington. 

All photography captured by Sorcha Augustine.

Make Thee an Ark was generously supported by the Arts and Cultural Alliance of Sarasota, the John Ringling Towers Grant, the Florida Humanities Council, and Marie Selby Botanical Gardens.