A Golem Sleeps and Wakes in the Mourning, Solo Gallery Show, 2021

Old City Jewish Arts Center, Philadelphia, PA

An interactive gallery exhibition of images, objects, and video from the theatre of grief. exhibited artworks collected from and survey the plays Elegy for a Lamb a Revival (2019), Now at the End, Again (2020), Shelter in Place (2019), and Welcome to the Shiva House (2020) co-written by Logan Gabrielle Schulman and Benjamin Behrend


TIME, COLLAPSED, a Gallery Performance, 2021

Co-director with Ben Behrend, Lead Deviser

A new work of devised performance art honoring the contraction of time and space in the wake of catastrophic loss.

TIME, COLLAPSED Performance Images
Photos by Benjamin Butz-Weidner

A Golem Sleeps and Wakes in the Mourning Exhibition Images
Photos by Noah S Thompson