The Remaining Hours, installations 0:01-4, 2017

Sarasota, Florida

installation 0:04 

on the individual's faith in the divine. how could abraham have gone through with it ?  what does Amazon Prime's heaven look like ?  what is it to feel the spiritual presence /have we already felt it ? is it spectacular and full of color ?  is it empty ? 


installation 0:03 

on the individual's faith in the self. twelve hours of a singular exhausted human being examining the immortality of his ancestors. what is my link to isaac, and my father to abraham ?  is it nature or nurture ? is the Holocaust actually in my veins ?


installation 0:02 

on the individual's faith in virtual social networks. what do we do, why, and for whom ?  how do we watch ?  have we given Facebook™ the omnipresence once afforded only to God(s) ? 


installation 0:01 

on the individual's faith in society. what lengths are we willing to endure to experience the innermost truth of another human being ?  to what extent can we trust a stranger ?

photos for installation 0:01 by Logan Schulman.
photos for installation 0:02 by Eric Young.
photos for installation 0:03 & :04 by Jack Micoli.